Since 2005, we have been working hard to keep up with emerging trends in the technology industry. Our mission is to come up with products that can simplify the way people go about their everyday lives. We aim to use multimedia based tools in order to bring together both Digital Hardware and Digital Content into single, universal devices; hence the name Digital2. With over 20 years of experience, our team focuses on the overall user-experience when creating our top-performing D2 products. To gain complete customer satisfaction, we provide warranties on all products and feature tech support based out of the United States.

To stay innovative, the “Go 2 Pad” was designed and created with the digital lifestyle in mind. This tablet is not only just a mobile computer, but more-so a personal device that makes carrying out daily routines simple and convenient. Through time, the concept behind our tablet evolved to what we call the D2 Pad, which brings together both Digital Hardware and Digital Content into one full-sized tablet with optimal performance and an affordable price. Similarly, we are currently in the works of a line of Digital2 mobile phones. These devices are the next up and coming products that will take the market to a whole new level.

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